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Having started activities in 1989, our group has founded several Uruguayan companies, mainly in the Financial, Consulting, Food and Real Estate sectors. Our main company, Creditel (, is one of the most important consumer loan companies in Uruguay.

Creditel was sold in 2011 to Banco Santander. Marcelo Pereira Darriulat was the Co-Founder, Chairman of the Board and main shareholder of the company, from the beginning, up to two years after its sale. In August 2013, Marcelo Pereira Darriulat resigns his position at Creditel and begins, along with his children, a new company dedicated to importation.

Currently, Solyal SA, is focused on the importation of products, mainly in the area of ​​food, where we proudly represent brands of great international prestige.


We also have a strong distribution network having access to several of the main retail chains in the country in which our products can be found.


In addition, the company has access to differential customers such as maritime suppliers and Free Shops offering our products both within the national territory and abroad.


Our client portfolio includes warehouses, mini markets, auto services, supermarkets, hypermarkets, wholesalers, distributors, restaurants, bars, pubs, hotels, butchers, event and party halls, free shops, maritime suppliers and final consumers.

We are always looking for unique products to add to our growing inventory.


Marcelo Pereira


Es Contador Público. Co-fundó Solyal junto a su hijo Santiago tras dimitir como co-fundador y principal accionista de Creditel, una de las empresas financieras de consumo más importantes de Uruguay, que fue comprada por Banco Santander en 2011. 

Santiago Pereira

Gerente General

Es Licenciado en Administración de empresas. Es socio co-fundador de la empresa y desde el año 2013 que está a cargo de Solyal liderando y llevando adelante el negocio. 


Mateo Machado

Gerente Comercial

Es Contador Público. Se sumó al equipo en el año 2019 tras su salída de Bodegas Garzón. Mateo ha generado grandes logros en el área comercial mediante el desarrollo de las marcas en el interior del país a través de socios comerciales con potentes redes de distribución.

Bruno Castagno

Gerente de operaciones

Es licenciado en administración de empresas. Se sumó al equipo en el año 2019 y es el encargado de que la empresa cuente con mercadería en stock y de que la misma le llegue a su local/casa en tiempo y forma. 


Make available to our customers high quality differential products that adapt to their needs and meet their expectations, providing our service with the greatest friendliness and efficiency possible.


That our growth, innovation and dedication allow us to be leaders in the Uruguayan market and eventually in the region.


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"Uruguay is an excellent test market for North American products. Its strategic location in the center of the richest and most populated area of ​​Mercosur and its special import regimes (free zones and free ports) make Uruguay an excellent distribution center of American products for the rest of the region. Several American firms use Uruguayan free zones to achieve efficient distribution of their products to the rest of the region. "


This short paragraph created by the US government, defines in a few words the advantages that Uruguay offers when trying a product or service within the region.

Uruguay's long economic and political stability and the open and cosmopolitan character of its society, position the country as an excellent platform for testing foreign products before the rest of Latin America. Thus, several international brands test their products in Uruguay and then expand throughout the region.

Some indexes of Uruguay:

- 2nd Latin American country with the lowest "Corruption Perception Index" prepared by "Transparency International."

- 2nd country in the region in the "Economical Freedom" ranking prepared by "The Heritage Foundation."

- 1st country in GDP per Capita of South America.


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